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At United Pawnshop, getting a loan for your items is QUICK and EASY, summarized in 3 simple steps


ACQUIRE a free valuation at any of our branches with your valuables

BRING along your NRIC when you pawn your valuables with us and recieve instant cash and pawn ticket

COME back within 6 months to redeem your item or renew the loan by paying the interest due
* A purchase receipt or guarantor is required for loan amounts above $200


Sometimes because of your busy schedule, you may have overlooked the expiry of your pawned items with us. United Pawnshop offers a special reminder service for our customers to remind them to collect or renew your pawn ticket before expiry via mails, SMS or telephone calls.



Redeeming your items from us is equally hassle-free. Just bring along your NRIC, your original pawn ticket and pay the pawned amount and interest due, you will be able to get your pawned item back.

United Pawnshop also offers various flexible alternatives of redemption for our customers to help ease their financial commitments.

Full Redemption
You can make a full redemption by repaying the pawned amount loan and interest due. You will then get your pawned item back.
Partial Redemption
Your pledge may consist of a few articles but you may wish to only redeem one or two articles. You can do so by paying a partial loan and the interest due. A new pledge will be issued for your remaining items with us and valid for the next 6 months.
By paying the interest due, you can extend the redemption period for another 6 months interval.
Installment Payment
You can also opt to pay off your loan with us slowly in installments. Whenever you have excess cash, you can repay a portion of your loan and a new pledge will be issued reflecting your reduced loan amount. This pledge will be valid for the next 6 months.



In the event whereby you need to obtain more cash, we are able to revalue your pledged items with us. Depending on the prevailing gold price, we may be able to give you higher value on your items.



Under the Pawnbroker’s Act of Singapore, customers whose pledges have not been redeemed or renewed after 6 months will be sent for auction. Any excess cash from the auction will be returned to the customer.