Online Renewals

Can I renew my pawn ticket when I am overseas?

Yes. You can pay the interest and renew your pawnticket anywhere as long as you are able to connect to the internet. Please speak to us if you wish to pay and reduce your loan amount.

What are the payment options available on the United Pawnshop online renewal website?

We accept payment via PAYNOW and credit card.

Can I redeem my item online?

You can only renew the ticket online. For any redemption, please bring along the latest Online Renewal Payment Receipt and the original pawn ticket. In the event you lost your Pawn Ticket, kindly visit the branch in person to make a report.

If I lose my pawn ticket, can I still go ahead and renew my ticket online?

Yes you can. However, if you suspect your ticket is stolen, please visit us as soon as possible to make a report as anyone who holds the ticket holder, he/ she is allowed to redeem your item. Once a report has been made, no one except you will be allowed to redeem the item. Please call us to notify us once you suspect this.

Pawn Enquiries

What items do you accept?

We accept gold bars, gold jewellery with minimum 9K gold content, gold jewellery with gemstones, diamond jewellery and luxury timepieces.

Which are the branded timepieces accepted for pawn?

We accept Rolex, Patek Philippe and etc, Please feel free to contact our branch to enquire more about the types of time pieces accepted.

When is the final date for renewal of pawn ticket?

It is the date is indicated on the pawn ticket labelled as “Date of Expiry”.

My ticket has passed the Date of Expiry, can I still renew the ticket?

As long as you log in and still see the ticket details, you can proceed to renew the ticket. Please call the branch to enquire if you no longer see the ticket on your account as it may have been forfeited upon expiry.

I have received the Letter of Forfeiture and would like to request to extend the expiry date. When is the final date for redemption of my items?

According to regulation, the date stated on the Letter of Forfeiture is the final date. All unredeemed articles will be forfeited 30 days after the notice of forfeiture has been sent out to the Customer. Please call the branch should you require further assistance.

Can I pay by instalments to reduce my loan amount?

You may wish to pay down your loan amount anytime you wish. Upon receiving payment, we will issue you with a new ticket reflecting the new amount.

Who can redeem my items?

By law, anyone who has possession of your ticket is allowed to redeem the item. Please keep the ticket carefully and report to us immediately if your ticket is lost or stolen. Adjust amount the next day